New work
(in progress)
for ensemble and acoustic synthesizer
(fl, ob, cl, bsn, trp,  hrn, 2 perc, vn, va, vc, db)
Commissioned by Riot Ensemble

Premiere: to be confirmed
Riot Ensemble


for 12 performers with tuning forks and glass bottles
Commissioned by Lucerne Festival Forward
Duration: 6’ aprox.

Premiere: 11.21.21
Lucerne Festival Forward, KKL Lucerne (CH)
Ensemble of Lucerne Festival Contemporary Orchestra 

for fixed media
Commissioned by MOONBREAKER 2121
Duration: 5’ aprox.
Premiere: 10.17.21
Sternwarte Stuttgart (DE) 


for string quartet
Duration: 8' aprox.
Premiere: 10.10.21
Bludenzer Tage zeitgemämeßer Musik (AT)
Quartetto Maurice


for guitar quartet
Commissioned by ALEPH Gitarrenquartett
through the Riemschneider-Stiftung
with additional financial support of FONCA
Duration: 20' aprox.

Premiere: 10.24.21
ZeitGenuss Festival, Karlsruhe (DE)
ALEPH Gitarrenquartett
sound Installation for ceramic tiles and transducers
Created with the financial support of FONCA
Duration: undefined

Premiere: 11.22.19
Fotomuseo Cuatro Caminos, Mexico City (MX)


for flute, tiles and electronics
Commissioned by Festival Internacional Cervantino
Duration: 5' aprox.

Premiere: 10.16.18
Festival Internacional Cervantino, Guanajuato (MX)
Mario Caroli, flute


for ensemble, objects and electronics
(fl, ob, trp, bass sax, perc, hrp, pno, acdn, va, vc)
Duration: 10' aprox.

Premiere: 07.23.17
Saint Jean d'Angély (FR)
Proxima Centauri, Ars Nova, Philippe Nahon
for ensemble
(fl, ob, trp, bass sax, hrp, acdn, va, vc)
Duration: 9' aprox.
Not premiered yet
(accordion version)
for clarnet, accordion, double bass and electronics
Duration: 7'30'' aprox.
Premiere: 11.30.17
HfM Karlsruhe (DE)
Yuria Otaki, Helena Sousa, Corinna Mitterer, Núria Cunillera


for shō, clarinet, double bass and electronics
Commissioned by Fundación Hoepfner
Duration: 7'30'' aprox

Premiere: 01.29.17
Kunitachi College of Music, Tokio (JP)
Mayumi Miyata, Ayumi Nakamura, Minori Hayashi, Yasuaki Itakura
con Rodrigo Hernández
installation based on Dúo (2011)
in collaboration with artist Rodrigo Hernández
Duration: undefined

Exhibition: 01.08.16 - 02.19.16
T66 Kulturwerk, Freiburg (DE)
curated by Leon Hoesl

version for 12 musicians
(fl, ob, cl, bsn, trp, tbn, perc, pno, vn, va, vc, db)
Duration: 2' aprox.

Not premiered yet


Non Sufficit
for cassette player, bass cl, perc, db & 2 dancers
in collaboration with choreographer Eduardo Esquivel
Duration: 15' aprox.

Premiere: 12.09.15
CaSa, Oaxaca (MX)
Dancers: Vanya Saavedra and Mariana Torres
for saxophone, accordion, percussion and double bass
Commissioned by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble with the financial support of FONCA
Duración: 8-9'

Premiere: 11.22.15
Museo Verbum, Vigo (ES)
Vertixe Sonora Ensemble

for sextet
(oboe, trumpet, piano, viola, cello and double bass)
Escrito con el apoyo del FONCA
Duration: 8-9'

Premiere: 20.03.15
Insel Theater, Karlsruhe (DE)
Members of the Badische Staatskapelle, Ulrich Wagner

sound mobile for computer and speakers
Made with the financial support of FONCA
Duration: indefinida

Premiere: 27.01.15
HfM Karlsruhe (DE)


miniature for tape or ten musicians
(fl, ob, cl, bsn, hrn, 2 vns, va, vc, db)
Duration: 1'30''

Premiere: 07.04.14
Insel Theater, Karlsruhe (DE)
Members of the Badische Staatskapelle, Ulrich Wagner
Nudos I-V
interludes for two tam-tams and electronics (I-IV)
interlude for accordion and electronics (V)
Duration: 18' aprox.
Premiere: 07.03.14 (I-IV), 10.28.14 (V)
HfM Karlsruhe (DE)
Melanie Schittenhelm, accordion

for guitar and transducers
Duration: 7'20''
Premiere: 07.03.14
HfM Karlsruhe (DE)
Ralph Bernardy, guitar


for steel-string guitar
Duration: 7'30'' aprox.
Premiere: 07.03.14
HfM Karlsruhe (DE)
Martin Steuber, guitar
for percussion and six instruments (fl, cl, tbn, vn, va, vc)
Duration: 4'40'' aprox.
Premiere: 11.07.13
HfM Karlsruhe (DE)
HfM Karlsruhe Students, Bruno Mantovani


for bassoon and percussion
Duration: 12' aprox.
Premiere: 05.07.11
Festival Resonante, Mexicali (MX)
Maribel Suárez Alonso, Miguel Ángel Cuevas