Cal (2018) for flute, tiles and electronics

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Mario Caroli, Salón del Consejo Universitario de Guanajuato, 10.16.2018. Photos: Carlos Juica ©Festival Internacional Cervantino.

Commissioned by the Festival Internacional Cervantino as part of the Prácticas de Vuelo 2018 program of the Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, Cal is dedicated to Italian flutist Mario Caroli, who premiered the piece in the Salón del Consejo Universitario de Guanajuato as part of his solo recital at the Cervantino.

In this work, the flute is combined with the sounds of stone tiles placed on stage, whose vibration is induced through computer-controlled transducers. The stone tiles were selected according to their resonant qualities, seeking coincidences between the flute's tessitura and each tile’s natural resonant frequencies. The research for this piece culminated in the sound installation Muro, which explores the resonant qualities of ceramic and porcelain tiles in greater detail.